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Service Delivery on Social Protection

Engendering service delivery on social protection tries to implement gender aspects inio social services and giving equal access to those services for women and men.


Formation of the Association of Crisis Centers in Tajikistan

On December 1, 2006 the Ministry of Justice registered the first ever Association of Crisis Centers in Tajikistan. The Association has eight founding members who run crisis or refuge centers in Tajikistan.

The mission of the Association of Crisis Centers is to improve social services for victims of violence in Tajikistan. This Association will accomplish its targets through a close cooperation with government agencies, local and international NGOs, women's organizations and other agencies. The goal is gender empowerment and improvement of social services.

The main goal of the Association is to amalgamate the activities of the Crisis Centers in Tajikistan. These activities are aimed to improve the social, political and economic status of women in Tajikistan as well as reduction of violence in the community and progress of gender equality in the country.


In order to meet these goals, the Association of Crisis Centers will collaborate to:

  • coordinate social services for victims of violence and create a platform for exchange and coordination of best practices;
  • strengthen potential existing victim services;
  • standardize work of the Crisis and refuge centers;
  • strengthen and expand access to methodological resource base for Crisis Centers;
  • strengthen technical base of organizational network;
  • lobby government agencies on integration of social services for victims of domestic violence and social protection.

The Association of Crisis Centers in Tajikistan is made up of eight founding members, which include:

  • Gulrokhsor Women's Center in Khujand
  • Scientific Women of Tajikistan in Dushanbe
  • National Association of Business Women in Tajikistan in Khujand
  • Modar in Dushanbe
  • Najoti Kudakon in Kulyab
  • Bonuvoni Khatlon in Kurgantube
  • Chashmai Khayot in Khujand
  • Zankho Ziddi Zurovari in Istraravshan


The Association has an open entry membership policy which allows other like-minded organizations to join it. Members of the Association benefit from the systematic strengthening of their human resources through specialized trainings, educational seminars and exchange of experience and information. Members will also benefit from a support system which will lobby for national laws and regulations on social rights protection against violence in the family and government support in improving the social services provided to the victims of violence. Members will also have access to a collective data base which will include statistics, research findings and thematic papers connected to violence.


Since the first crisis center opened in 1995, only 11 other crises or refuge centers have started operation in Tajikistan in order to meet the needs of the ever growing community. The Association of Crisis Centers hopes to generate greater support for the strengthening as well as increasing the number of centers which assist the victims of violence in Tajikistan. The Association and its staff work on a voluntary basis and rely on the generous support of the community in order to assist the crisis and refuge centers in their commendable work.

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