“The primary goal of the ILO today is to promote opportunities for women and men to obtain decent and productive work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity”.

The International Labour Organization(ILO) is a UN specialized agency which seeks the promotion of social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights. The ILO was founded in 1919 and became the first specialized agency of the United Nations in 1946. ILO Headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland.

The ILO has four principle strategic objectives:

·         to promote and realize standards and fundamental principles and rights at work;

·         to create greater opportunities for women and men to secure decent employment;

·         to enhance the coverage and effectiveness of social protection for all;

·         to strengthen tripartism and social dialogue.

ILO Decent Work Technical Support and Country Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (DWT/CO) has been operating in Moscow since 1959. The Office coordinates ILO activities in ten countries – Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The ILO has a unique tripartite structure unique in the United Nations, in which employers and workers’ representatives – the “social partners” of the economy – have an equal voice with those of governments in shaping its policies and programmes. The ILO also encourages this tripartism within its member States by promoting a “social dialogue” between trade unions and employers in the formulation and implementation of national policy on social, economic and many other issues.

The Republic of Tajikistan is a member of the ILO since 1993 and is committed to the International Labour Organization standards and principles and it pays due attention to fundamental standards and rights in the sphere of labor in its state policy and implement them step by step. 50 ILO Conventions including all eight fundamental, are ratified and in force in the country.

Implemented and current programmes

Based on the “Decent Work Country Program for 2007-2009 of the Republic of Tajikistan” with technical and financial assistance of International Labour Organization and donor-countries a number of projects and activities were successfully implemented in Tajikistan such as: “Towards sustainable partnership for the effective Governance of the Labour Migration in the Russian Federation, the Caucasus and Central Asia”, “Prevention of Human Trafficking through job creation and improve migration management”, “Combating Child Labour in Central Asia Project – phase 1”, “Social consequences of migration in Tajikistan” and “Regulating Labour Migration as an Instrument of Development and Regional Cooperation in Central Asia”.

On-going Projects:“Combating Child Labour in Central Asia”, “From the crises toward decent and safe jobs – Phase 2” and “Applying the G20 Training Strategy”.

“Decent Work Country Program for 2015-2017” was signed between Tripartite Partners of Republic of Tajikistan and International Labour Organization on 24 June 2015 and has following priorities:

1.        Strengthening capacities of tripartite constituents to address priority labour issues through social dialogue;

2.        Promoting decent employment opportunities for men and women including returning labour migrants;

3.        Improving working conditions and enhancing the coverage of social protection;

Other areas where ILO works in Tajikistan:

·          Promotion of International Labour Standards;

·          Employer’s and Trade Union’s activities;

·          Employment;

·          Gender Equality;

·          HIV/AIDS at the work place;

·          Labour Migration;

·          Occupational Safety and Health (OSH);

·          Social Security;

·          Child labour;

Contact person: Mr. Sobir Aminov – ILO National Coordinator in Tajikistan.

Tel: (+992 44) 600-55-97/98 (ext.- 273)

E-mail: aminov@ilo.org

Website: www.ilo.orgwww.ilo.ru