Dushanbe Hosted the Exhibition Dedicated to World Aids Day

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On World AIDS Day, young talents are calling for the end to gender inequalities and the protection of the human rights of people living with HIV and AIDS.

1 December 2017, Dushanbe, Tajikistan – the new talents exhibition dedicated to the World AIDS Day was launched bythe National Commission for UNESCO and UNESCO Clubs of Tajikistan with technical support of UNJoint Advocacy Project on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS, UNDP, UNFPA, and UNICEF) in Tajikistan (UN JAP), and civil society organizations.The event which took place in Dushanbebrought around 300 young talents and their parents, civil society organizations, international organization, youth, and volunteers.

“Through this exhibition and art-works provided we wanted to deliver the message that all people living with HIV have the same rights and responsibilities as all other.   Policies need to be in place to ensure a child living with HIV at school is not subjected to stigma and discrimination or bullying, and that their status is kept confidential. Also, HIV-awareness programs are important to encourage openness about HIV rather than silencing it. We need to use all tools to reach young people: including through social groups, the media, and peer outreach,” hasmentioned in her welcoming speech Ms. Davlyatbekova Zumrat, General Secretar, Tajikistan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs. 

In a short period of time around 167 artworks were submitted from all over the country to UNESCO clubs.

Juries representing art galleries and studios selected the best 35 works. The winners received memorable gifts from the organizers.  It should be mentioned that children representing the vulnerable groups of population to HIV/AIDS also participated in this context and most of their works were highly appreciated and rewarded.

Information: The theme of this year’s World AIDS Day 2017 is the right to health. Why right to health?  The universal and inalienable right to health provides everyone with the right to realize the highest attainable standard of health without discrimination or stigma. Only by placing human rights at the center of global health can we ensure that health care is accessible, acceptable, available and of good quality for everyone, leaving no one behind. The Sustainable Development Goals, underpinned by human rights, provide a framework to leverage opportunities between the right to health and other rights, including the right to education, equality, and non-discrimination, access to justice, privacy and food. Learning from the AIDS response, the World AIDS Day campaign will focus on the right to health, highlighting opportunities to leverage rights-based practices and behaviors to achieve more rapid and sustainable progress towards universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals.  The special World AIDS Day page with supporting materials is available on unaids.org:http://www.unaids.org/en/resources/campaigns/right-to-health.

For more information, please contact Mr. Bakhtiyor Mirzoev, Advocacy and Communication Officer, UN Joint Advocacy Project on HIV/AIDS in Tajikistan at Bakhtiyor.mirzoev@undp.org